Language is anonymous collective and unconscious art, the 

result of the creativity of thousands of generation.

Edward Sapir

Dear Users! 
Our mind is a garden
Our thoughts are the seeds
We can grow flowers
Or we can grow weeds

My name is Arkadiy Rostyslavovich Koshoviy. I am glad to 

greet you at pages of my blog. Now I am a teacher of English 
of school 142 in the city of Kharkiv. I have been teaching 
English for more than fourty years. During the years of my 
work as a teacher of English I came across with many problems of teaching and learning English. So I want to share 
some ideas and methods of teaching English. 
I think this web-page will be useful for pupils and teachers 
and those who are interested in learning and teaching English. Maybe some of you will find some useful information for 
yourself. It will be the information about the results of my pupils and you will be able to read my publications and the 
materials of some conducted lessons, watch videos of my 
lessons and look through the photos of some conducted parties. 

With respect A. Koshoviy.